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March 26
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GI Joe Then and Now - Remove YELLOW lips by CerebralPizza GI Joe Then and Now - Remove YELLOW lips by CerebralPizza
Okay, DA isn't the place I would typically post something like this...but I have a reason for doing it!  Last week I searched the internet for HOURS looking for a safe and effective way to remove the yellow lips from my THEN & NOW reproduction Joes.  I probably bought about a dozen of them...most of them at $12 bucks a piece from etoys. (Wow, that was some time ago!)

Anyway, as I'm getting back to work with my collection the yellow lips on these guys were REALLY bugging me.  With no info from the internet, I searched my garage for something that might work...and found this bottle of lacquer thinner.   I picked my least favorite figure, and gave it a try!

Well, as you can see worked great!  A little dab on a Q-tip...followed by rinsing the face with a wet cloth...and yellow lips are gone!

I figured I would post this at every site i'm case someone else is looking for a cure for "yellow lips" as well.
CerebralPizza Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh, as an aside. The Snow Joe in the middle is a Timeless Spy Island figure. You can tell by the black band across his forehead...caused by a rubber band pressing the knit cap against his head in the packaging. I figured the black color had leached into the plastic head, but decide to try the lacquer thinner there too. might have helped a bit...but barely enough to be noticeable. He still has a dark ridge across his head.
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